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**** All attendees will need to pass through metal detectors & security prior to entrance****


As a first time con goer there is a lot you should know. Wear comfortable clothing, bring snacks and water, prepare for a lot of walking & crowds. The best way to bypass lines is a flash pass. Other things to know all autographs and photos are separate purchases and there is a lot of cool stuff to find on the vendor side. Unfortunately we don't know autographs prices beforehand as those are set by the celebrity and their agent on show day. However, in the past, autographs have ranged from $20-$80. Additionally, due to the rarity of their appearance, bigger celebrities may command a higher autograph price.


 Please note all signature prices are set by the Celebrity and their agent on the day of the show and therefore we do not list   these prices beforehand. However, in the past, autographs have ranged from $20-$80. Additionally, due to the rarity of their   appearance, bigger celebrities may command a higher autograph price.


 Not all guests will offer selfies and therefore the only way to ensure a photo with them is by purchasing a photo op. 


 Respect others and do not cut in line.

 Follow directions given by ACCC Staff during any events, autograph, and photograph lines.

 Keep lines moving in an orderly conduct.

 All autograph/photo pricing is decided by the guest & their agents during the show & therefore are not listed beforehand. 


Not all guests will offer selfies and therefore the only way to ensure a photo with them is by purchasing a photo op.  In the event of a cancellation, all photo ops are refunded automatically. For any additional inquires please contact EPIC Photo Ops at



 Treat the ACCC staff, guests, and all attendees with respect.

 Wristbands and badges must be visibly worn at all times.

 Wristbands and badges must be purchased in order to gain entry into ACCC.

 ACCC staff, guests, and attendees may not be in possession of any item defined as a weapon.

 Usage or possession of illegal drugs or substances is strictly forbidden.

 ACCC staff, guests, and attendees may not bring any animals onto the premises unless they are licensed service animals.

 If you are not sure about general rules, please find an ACCC staff member for assistance.


Please note all cosplay items will be inspected prior to entrance by SAPD/Security. Any item deemed as a weapon will need to be plastic and or run the risk of confiscation.

 Cosplay is not consent. 

 We are a family friendly event so please keep it tasteful. 

 Costumes and Cosplay is highly encouraged at ACCC.

 Costumes must be in good judgment – Keep it respectful! Remember it is a family friendly event and children will be present. 

 Keep it covered. Cosplayers must be clothed at all times. No see through material over questionable body parts.



 The carrying of weapons ( OPEN CARRY & HAND GUNS OR LIVE WEAPONS OF ANY SORT ) is prohibited.

 All cosplay weapons must be inspected by a member of security staff and tagged prior to entry.

 Weapons for Cosplay purposes will be allowed but must be non-firing.

 Weapons that do not pass security inspection will not be allowed to enter the con.



Sunset Station provides (TRANSPORTATION ONLY) wheelchair assistance from INSIDE our facility doors to the patron’s ticketed seat and back to our exit doors after the event concludes. The patron IS NOT able to keep the wheelchair throughout the event and Sunset Station wheelchairs CANNOT exit the building. Wheelchair rentals are not available at the Sunset Station. Ask a nearby usher for wheelchair transportation service assistance.



There are Disability Access (DA) spaces available near the street entrance and or parking lots.


In accordance with Texas State Law, vehicles with the following license plates receive complimentary parking in any of the lots allowing paid parking, if being used in the transportation of the person who registered the license plate: Disabled Veteran, Congressional Medal of Honor, Former POW, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, or Navy Cross.



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